An early look at “Seeing Providence Chinatown”

A black and white archival photo of a American Chinese restaurant on Westminster St, with yellow text over “Seeing Providence Chinatown…” (same title text as tweet).
Three grainy black and white photos of 3 story buildings on a narrow street, captions “The Chinatown that is to be wiped out” “Empire Street Centre of our Chinese Community” “THE LAST OF OLD CHINATOWN. All of the buildings through the center of the section were doomed by the extension of Empire Street. Former headquarters of the local Chinese Societies in the foreground. In the distance the stage of Empire Theatre and tower of Central Baptist Church.” Plus same text as tweet.
Black and white photo of a broad cobbled street with early cars and horse carriages, and a row of tall buildings. A red outline of a block of missing buildings is drawn on the photo. Same text as tweet overlaid.
A rough 3d model of about 10 buildings in grey placed on a scan of an old map with names, numbers, and building outlines.
Screenshot of an earlier-shown photo of Chinatown to the left, and a SketchUp 3d modeling program to the right, with a rough model of the building copied from the photo, with textures from the photo laid onto it.
Another view of the same earlier photo of Chinatown, with a distant church tower circled where it pokes above the other buildings. The words “Central Baptist Church” circled in the caption. To the right, a black and white full facade photo of the Central Baptist Church, with the same tower circled. Otherwise same text as tweet.
A black and white photo of an urban street with business signs and snow on the ground. Three elements circled: a cornice of a tall building in the background, the round tower of a building to the right, and an old fashioned bulbous car parked on the street. An overlay repeats the tweet text with a reference photo of a matching Ford Model A for comparison.
Cropped portions of earlier photos with matching circled features as described in the tweet text; a billboard, and two types of windows, matching between the two images though they are from almost opposite angles.
An oblique aerial photo of the same intersection with three recognizable buildings, with text from tweet overlaid.
A map of Providence with many old photos connected to the Chinatown neighborhood with red lines
A black and white photo of a busy street crowded with people including women with ponytails and puffed sleeves; a horse-drawn cart and a church steeple in the distance.
A black and white photo of the entrance to a narrow street, between two tall buildings, one with a “TRUSSES” sign. Telegraph wires in foreground.
A minimal ink on paper map showing the footprints of buildings.
A hand-colored old photo of the Empire Theater, with cigar and tailor shops on each side.
A 3d model of a single building with old photo textures mapped to its walls




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Jeffrey Yoo Warren

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